Monday, January 9, 2023

Race in Videogames

Lengthy videogame retrospectives are the norm rather than the exception these days. Games like Skyrim now have 20 hour retrospectives that, while generally being of exceedingly high quality, got me thinking about an interesting topic: Race in videogames. 

Just how are videogame retrospectives and race are related? To me it has to do with who is creating these retrospectives and how this impacts their analysis of games. It's not controversial to say that most of the YouTubers creating these retrospectives are white men without graduate degrees in history or related analytical disciplines. Even so, they present their conclusions with the confidence of a scholar speaking from the pulpit of an Ivy League lecture hall. 

The question this article asks is this: Have they earned that confidence? I would argue that, when it comes to discussing topics like race and racism, no, no they have not. 

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