Why Cody Deserves to Win America's Favorite Player

Let me begin by saying that I honestly don't know why I am still watching Big Brother 19. Is it masochism? Addiction? A mix of the two? Possibly. Truth be told, I've always been a fan of the game, but this year's houseguests are making it difficult to forge ahead to the season finale.

So I'll keep it short and sweet: this article proposes one solution to salvaging a season marred by vile houseguests: ensuring that Cody wins America's Favorite Player.

Why, you ask, does Cody deserve to win what would essentially be 3rd place? Well, here's why:

1. Cody tried to save us from the disaster of a season we currently have.


Question his motives if you have to, but Cody's decision to try and evict Paul in the beginning of the game would have saved us from a season of watching a bunch of Paullowers follow their master's orders right up until their collective evictions.

Did he go about his decision poorly? Of course, but at the same time, his tactics did kind of make sense. Had Cody told his alliance what he was about to do, and Paul caught wind of it, Paul most likely would have manipulated people into keeping him regardless.

Had Paul not been gifted three weeks of immunity, Cody's plan would have worked. Paul would have been blindsided and ousted, and we'd have had a much more interesting season.

2. Cody was genuine.  


When I ask people who just started watching Big Brother why they like Cody, they say that it's because he seems real. Can he be a jerk? Yes. Can he be cruel? Yes. But is he ever fake? No, and he never pretends otherwise.

Cody loved to call out the other houseguests whenever they appeared to be doing something for the sake of pandering to fans or trying to make a name for themselves outside of the house. Notably, he told Paul that he was merely "playing a character on TV," implying that he was playing the game to advertise his brand and make himself more marketable above all else.

While Cody's inability to be fake may have cost him in this game, it did endear him to those of us who found ourselves sick of the other people in the house. 

3. Cody stood up to this season's biggest bullies. 


First let me acknowledge that Cody's treatment of Megan at the beginning of the game left much to be desired. But to be fair, her actions did seem strange enough for Cody's "I just don't like you" to make sense.

Later in the season, Cody found himself in firefights against Josh, Paul, and Alex. He did say some hurtful things to Josh, but as we now know after watching for 72 days, Josh is the kind of guy who enjoys antagonizing people. While he always cries after he attacks people, he admits that he just can't help going after people when they're down or when they question him. That Cody was able to shut him up, albeit with harsh words, at least showed that he wouldn't back down to Josh's tactics.

Cody also stood up to the likes of Alex. If you recall, Alex told Cody that he could eat her cereal. So he did. Then when Alex found out that Cody ate more of her cereal than she would have liked, she tore into him. The first thing she did, of course, was to make a personal attack, asking whether or not he's even a marine or whether his daughter actually exists. 

Cody calmly stood his ground (or sat his ground really), and ate all of her cereal. While that may seem like a mean thing to do, keep in mind that Alex has been poking and prodding her targets in the house with similar petty kinds of arguments all season. She didn't really care about the cereal; she was just trying to put a bigger target on Cody.

At one point she even cursed Cody out while he was reading the bible, while he sat there and took it, not even bothering with her antics. It's simple now to understand why the Cult of Paul wanted Cody out so badly: he had all of them mentally and physically beat. He just lacked the numbers and the social game to execute a gameplan that would have ended them.

4. Cody had a heroic battle back, and always competed hard. 


Cody's battle back victories were a thing of beauty, and more evidence to the Paullowers of how great a threat Cody and Jessica were to their games. Unfortunately, Jody was unable to do much of anything after Cody returned to the game, both due to their own strategic mistakes and due to the house continuing to give them the cold shoulder.

But Cody deserves real credit for battling his way back into the house. Not only did he beat Paul, but he endured several trials and tribulations in the ensuing HoH competition, where each of Paul's people rained punishments down on Cody in order to try (emphasis on try) and break him.

Unfortunately for Cody, Christmas's temptation prevented him from having a chance to play for the veto that would have saved him for another week. But that leads us to...

5. Cody had one of the greatest exits in Big Brother history. 


Was it the way he walked over a glass table? Was it how he tried to throw Alex and Jason under the bus? Was it his refusal to hug or say goodbye to any of the remaining houseguests? Perhaps it's all of the above.

Cody's eviction was iconic because it symbolized one of the many ironies of this season. There you had Cody, a dude who probably never gave two thoughts about what America thought of him, literally walking over the other houseguests to get to the exit as quickly as possible. And there you had the other houseguests, all of whom think America loves them, waiting for Paul's command to get up and jeer at Cody as he left.

And the cherry on top? None of them yet realized that America largely despises the Cult of Paul. Not knowing that, Cody thought that his final act was that of a pariah. But in reality, it was that of a hero.



I normally don't get this fired up about reality TV, but I figure it's in my best interest to try and rally whoever I can to ensure that Cody becomes America's Favorite Player. Because, in the end, a Cody victory wouldn't just be a victory for Cody. It'd be a victory for everyone who appreciates the game of Big Brother.

Does Paul deserve to win first place this year? Absolutely. He's played this house like a fiddle. But does that mean we have to appreciate his antics, or the nails-on-a-chalkboard personalities of the majority of his followers? No. There's no question that two Paullowers are going to come in first and second place this year. But we can ensure that they don't sweep. And, in turn, we can show that we disapprove of how the Cult of Paul has played the game.


  1. BRAVO could not have said it any better.

  2. You said exactly what I have been thinking. Thank You

  3. I'm voting for #TeamCody to win the #AFP..#25K .... This is why! Cody could win Comps in the game. Including the Battle Back . Beating Paul... (after Cody had to beat all the other evicted houseguest first! ! Cody made his own moves, instead of being one of #PaulsPuppets. Cody won the 1st HOH. Cody tried that week to get Paul on the block. But couldn't! because Paul was given the #SafetyPendent .That know one knew about. Cody felt he could not trust to tell anyone in his alliance. This 1st week, on what he was doing. Cause Cody did not want anyone of them who had gotten Paul's #SpecialFriendshipBraclets that week to run and tell Paul of his plans.Cody ended up nominated more single players in that single week. Than any other player in #BB history! Cody stayed chilled while being verbally attacked by almost every houseguest every week. Along with Josh's constant bullying, insane screaming, and pots and pan banging, while the whole house stood there just laughing and going along with this bullying! Hell I would have went hog wild crazy on them... So Cody decided to stay in his room with Jessica. To avoid as much craziness as he could. When ever Cody did go out of the room. If anyone even tried to chat with Cody or Jessica. Alex or one of #PaulPuppets. Would run and Tattle-tell on that person. Just like Alex did about Kevin. Then they would started talking about putting him or them on the block!. They were not allowed to talk to Cody or Jessica! Making it even harder for Cody to try and play a social game...Cody made it all the way to the #JuryHouse. Even though Cody was the target of every player in the game, Except single player Jessica! Like Cody or not! Cody always was true to who he was. The only one who tried to play the game! And the only one that tried to get Pail out of the Game! Arguably Cody made the #BestMove in #BB history on the show! When Paul and some of the other tried to block Cody from walking passed them on eviction day. When he was voted out of them game. Loved how Cody took the high road and walked on top of the coffee-table past all the A-Holes and out the door... Deserving pissing Paul off by doing this! I have not and can not see anyone of these players still in the house. Come close to doing what all Cody had to do and put up with in the game! #TeamCody all the way By the way Paul is going to win #BB19

  4. I’ve disliked Cody from Week 1. And with all this “Cody for AFP” ridiculousness, I’ve stayed pretty adamant that he wouldn’t get my vote because he’s just a horrible player. So I decided to read this and see just how convincing of an argument they make.

    “Cody tried to save us from the disaster of a season we currently have.”

    First, I disagree this has been a disaster of a season. The only people that feel that way are the Paul-haters. This season has been very intriguing and fun to watch; and that’s mainly because of Paul.

    As for Cody being smart to try and take Paul out, I agree. But it was hit or miss. It was a ballsy move that Cody lost on. Had it worked, it may have been the move of the season. But it didn’t and he and his fans need to accept that.

    “Cody was genuine.”

    And? I don’t give points to people who act like themselves. Josh, Christmas, Kevin and Mark were all genuine to me. What else you got?

    “Cody stood up to this season's biggest bullies”

    At least it does mention how Cody may have very well “set the tone” with his treatment of Megan. Unfortunately, this author gives Cody’s treatment of Megan a pass because the author didn’t care for her either. But bullying is bullying and bullies make a choice to bully someone or not. Cody could have just ignored her but he didn’t and that’s on him.

    As far as the rest of the bullying in the house towards him goes, I still have no sympathy. Again, he may have set the bullying tone with Megan, but Jessica did him no favors every time she “threatened” the other HG’s for not voting her and Cody’s way. You see, Jody fans are quick to point out how bullied they were but again they give Jody a pass for being douches to the rest of the house.

    “Cody had a heroic battle back, and always competed hard”

    Again, the author presents a reason then follows it up with the obvious argument against it. Cody (and Jess) made enemies and several mistakes early making them targets. And the fact that both were strong players gave the other HG’s even more of a reason to want to see them gone.

    No brainer.

    “Cody had one of the greatest exits in Big Brother history”

    Possibly the most ridiculous argument of the five.

    Walking over the table? Yaaaawwwwwwwnnn
    Attempt to throw Jalex under the bus? It failed from the start. Nobody trusted it the moment he said it. So no points for that.
    His refusal to hug and/or say goodbye to anyone? Who cares? He didn’t like them and they perhaps thought even less of him. Nothing great there either.

    All this sanctimonious rhetoric about a symbolic exit is just bollocks. It was nothing more than a petulant man-child metaphorically throwing a temper tantrum because he was forced to live with all his bad decisions.

    So in conclusion, this author’s comment that “a victory for Cody is a victory for Big Brother” is again, ridiculous.

    Cody is a victim of his own bad gameplay. He admitted it the “first time” he was evicted. He knew he played it wrong and was yet given another chance. Did he make the most of it? No. did he at least try and make adjustments to his game to possibly give him more time in the house? No.

    How about the fact that Jessica from the start became more important to him that winning Big Brother?

    I just don’t see how rewarding a player that put a showmance before his own game is the smart choice for AFP.

    But when he and Jessica inevitably break up; and they will break up…..I will be the first to vote for him to get on The Bachelor…or Amazing Race….or Chrisley Knows Best…or whatever.

    I’m just STILL not convinced Cody deserves AFP.

    1. I agree with everything you said. I would also add : People complain about Paul getting three weeks of safety... Jessica did not win the saving hex and got it anyway. The polls showed America voted for Alex 1st place 25% and Jessica 4th place 9%. Also Cody got his chance to get back in the game and then blew it again with his angry/hatred towards house guest. Cody is a very mean person and reminds me of someone who will abuse his love when she makes him mad. Jessica is a paid escort who ran around butt poking everyone. A dirty girl in my opinion. Paul played the perfect game. He should win. BB is not a popularity contest where who is the nicest. it is a game of who can survive till the end. and he is doing a great job.

  5. I always loved Cody and I was going to vote for him. Great argument here.

  6. Perfection well done

  7. It seems so long ago - I had forgotten about how that all came down. I have said that Cody was fine - Jessica was fine - but together they are very toxic. I was going to vote for Kevin - he has been treated horriblely. Has to sit in the bedroom so he doesn't get yelled at all the time. Those are just bullies out there. After reading this - I think I'm going to be voting for Cody.

    1. I agree with this. Both played better (or at all) when the other was gone.

  8. ALSO - I love how Cody left - why should he of waited for all the fakeness - just get out of there ---- he was great!

  9. Love this! I agree!

  10. If Cody would have not been such an ass whole I would agree. BUT he was not nice to the other house guests. The early house guests that did not suck. So I will note be boring for him. He didnorcomeoff as a nice person.

  11. I agree also, great article!!

  12. YES pleas spread the word!!! Team Cody for AFP.

  13. That was right on! Thank you! Cody for AFP is the only thing that makes sense in this entire debacle of a BB season. Thank you! Well said!! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  14. I love reading other people's reasoning...I hated Paul last season, and again THIS season...but I have to admit he's playing the game. As for Cody...I didn't like the way he acted, but after reading this article...it just MIGHT change my mind !! Well written, poster !!

  15. Great observations. I will now vote for Cody. I feel the same way about everything you posted.

  16. This is a great article πŸ‘

  17. Spot on. I like what you said and agree with you.

  18. I enjoyed your comments very much and I am voting Cody as AFP but a couple of things first. When Jess won HOH she should have put up Paul and josh not Ramses and Josh that was such a throw away HOH HER first of many mistakes then Jess won POV she should have taken Ramses down and put up Paul again another mistake, Hiding in the bedroom,But Cody having to nominate 5 people his first week was ridiculous and set the tone for the rest of the game. I think Big Brother screwed up Cody game by not letting Megan quitting be the end of it he shouldn't had to pick again. My two cents.

  19. Outstanding article Nick!! My my, definitely voting for Cody now. No one is without a flaw but most importantly, he is so real.

  20. Just a couple side notes:

    - Cody didn't like Megan b/c she made a joke about not liking the Marines to his face (she was Navy). Add in the fact that she also tried to pin Jess as saying something racist are good enough reasons to not like someone IMO.
    - If you're a Jody fan you'll love how selfless Jess is. As a way to unite fans together, she's made the decision to campaign for Cody to win AFP instead of campaigning for herself. You can tell she wanted it too. That's true love right there! Hope it works.

  21. I couldn't agree more. I loved Jody, such a shame they couldn't stay longer. These other houseguests are just a pack of followers/bullies... especially Alex. I hope Cody wins AFP, would love to see the look on all their faces lol!

  22. Whole heartedly agree; the rest of them are useless bullies; if Paul didn't tell them how to think, I don't think they would; lastly, I was a fan of Paul's last season, but not this one; I hate he encourages the taunting of the intended targets this season, but he is definitely playing them, and, therefore, the game; he deserves the $500k and Cody deserves the $25k because besides Paul, he tried to play the game, but he was set up by production with Paul's 3 week pass

  23. Cody will still get my VOTE FOR AFP!!! I so disagree with you!

  24. Thank you for this article. An honest observation of Cody. I wholeheartedly agree with you and will be voting Cody for AFP. I've liked Cody from the start. I admire his attitude and determination. Cody is a guy I'd certainly want on my side inside or outside of the Big Brother house. He tried to play the game and may have done better but I'm sure that production got in his way. And thanks to the poster who reminded me about how Megan was insulting the Marines to Cody and about Pandagate. CODY for America's Favorite Player!!

  25. I vote yes, for Cody as AFP ! The not faker or follower , he just didn't have any good friends. They were all back stabber smh 🀦‍♂️

  26. Yes, good article & good points. I would say he said & did what most of us thought of w other hg. Not to mention he left like a boss. His interview with Julie was funny how he hated them. But could you blame him?

    They completely tore him up w his military service, they exiled him. When Paul found out that Kevin was talking to him he ordered him to stop. (Cody was making Kevin not feel so homesick by sharing about his daughter) awe 😘

    His distaste for the hg is felt by all BB viewers. He was a genuine good guy. If BB didn't have it going to Paul then I think we would've seen a different game. I would've loved to see Cody, Mark, Jess, Elana & probably Kevin & Ramsey (a # in there corner) wouldve went far in game. Oh well.

    ******Cody AFPπŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸŽ—️πŸŽ‰πŸ†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  27. Only you could canonize someone with an obvious personality disorder


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