Friday, August 14, 2015

My Review Of Ambronite, The "Drinkable Supermeal"

Recently I received an e-mail from Valerie Vlasenko (one of the kind folks working for Ambronite), asking if I would like to write about their product, a "drinkable supermeal" that's designed to give busy people a quick, easy, and healthy way to stay satiated during the day. I was flattered to be offered the chance, so I quickly accepted. Within a couple days, a box loaded with packets of the Ambronite drink mix arrived at my doorstep (I think they gave me three days worth of the stuff).

Also included were instructions for how to use it, which I of course read. Apparently there's a special shaker bottle that you're supposed to use with Ambronite, but as I didn't have one I used a standard shaker bottle instead (those ones with a steel wire ball, usually used to whip up a protein shake after a workout). 

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