iPhone 6 Barely Faster Than iPhone 5S

According to BGR.com, at least. Of course, BGR dresses it up nicely by saying that the iPhone 6 is "significantly" faster, but the numbers say otherwise. The benchmark program Geekbench 3 rated the iPhone 6's multi-core performance at 2920, while the 5S scored 2540. To put that in layman's terms, you'll notice practically zero difference when switching from one to the other in terms of performance.

Gaming is another matter. 3D intensive applications will run probably run better on the 6, though still, I wouldn't expect anything mind blowing. As I've been saying for years now, it just seems like smartphones have hit a wall in terms of technological development. They're getting more feature-filled, to be sure, but companies seem to be struggling to find ways to draw more power out of the silicon microchips they're equipping them with.

What's the takeaway here? Unless you really want a larger screen, the 5S will probably serve your needs just fine. You'll miss out on a few of the 6-only features, but I doubt you would have cared about those either way.

I guess this is to be expected, since iOS is such a lightweight operating system. There just isn't a need for the iPhone to have a super powerful, four core processor like the ones in Android phones. Apple realized this, and during their presentation focused more on the 6's screen improvements rather than its nearly nonexistent performance gains over the 5S.

Unless you're desperate for an upgrade or really want a larger screen, 5S owners should definitely wait for next year's iPhone.


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