5 Reasons Why Frankie Grande Is Unbearable To Watch

If you've watched Big Brother at all this summer, then you're probably familiar with Frankie Grande. As he would assuredly want you to know, he's related to Ariana Grande (they're siblings). After watching this jerk run around as if he were high on thirty shots of espresso these past few months, I thought I'd try and knock him down a peg or two. So, why exactly is this guy unbearable to watch? Read on...

1. He's a narcissist.


Who here likes narcissists? Probably none of you. Even if you are a narcissist, you probably don't like other narcissists since they get in the way of your apparent awesomeness. But I digress. Frankie is the epitome of self absorption. He talks in the first person whenever he gets a chance, because he doesn't care about you or what you think. He assumes his thoughts are inherently superior, and holds his abilities in such high esteem that I wouldn't bat an eyelash if you told me that Frankie said something about being more intellectually capable than the majority of college professors in the United States.

He's really that full of himself. I don't know if it's the pampered upbringing, proximity to fame through his sister, or access to a deep trust fund that does it, but this guy would rather throw a load of "I's" and "me's" your way for several hours on end rather than listen to your accomplishments and/or problems.

2. He thinks he's playing the best game.


Of course, we've established that he's a huge narcissist so this comes as so surprise. That being said, I need to address this point because it's absolutely ludicrous. Anyone with eyes and a brain can see that Derrick has masterminded pretty much ever big game move in Big Brother 16. Frankie has been Derrick's tool, nothing more. When a manipulator and a narcissist meet, the former will nearly always prevail against the latter. Why? Well, a manipulator knows how to use the narcissist's sense of self-superiority against them, feeding their need for praise and power until the time comes to strike. Mark my words, Frankie won't be winning this year's Big Brother.

3. He's a troll.


Yes, he sort of looks like those little troll dolls you played with as a kid thanks to that hairstyle, but that's not what I'm referring to. Frankie is great at annoying people for the heck of it. I don't know if it's intentional, but it sure seems that way. Whether it's his exaggerated physical gestures, inane facial expressions, or false giddiness, Frankie's always trying to get some sort of reaction out of his audience, whether that be affection or hatred. Indeed, I don't think he even cares if he's hated, because that gives him nearly as much notoriety (if not more) as being loved, and all he's after is fame after all (since he doesn't need the prize money).

Take last night's live show (9/10/14). When Frankie was told his Head of Household reign was practically meaningless due to a twist, he jumped around with joy, bouncing off couches and walls while saying stuff like "I love this game so much!" Who does that when they've just been dealt a huge blow? Somebody who wants to attract haters.

4. He's insincere.


When this game started I thought Frankie was a genuinely nice guy; maybe a bit over-the-top, but good overall. Turns out it's all a show. He'll say stuff like "I love you," and give out hugs willy-nilly, but as soon as he gets a chance he'll turn around and slit your throat (with words) the first chance he gets -- usually behind your back.

The rest of the house-guests, besides Derrick, were too dumb to notice this and are going to lose to him because of it. Don't get me wrong, I know that backstabbing is a huge part of Big Brother, but I don't appreciate the whole lovey-dovey act that Frankie keeps up while he's doing it, insisting that he's playing the game as a nice guy. Just admit you're playing dirty, and we won't have to deal with your hypocrisy.

5. He might win.


The truth of the matter is that the only reason I'm able to write this article is because, for one reason or another, Frankie is still in the game. He's won the most competitions and he's played a superb (albeit hypocritical) social game. The fact that he's doing this despite being a narcissistic, insincere, attention-seeking backstabber makes it all the worse. So if he wins, I'll respect his victory (especially because it means he vanquished the almighty Derrick), but I definitely won't like it.

We really don't need to give him another thing to gloat about to people to go along with "I'm Ariana Grande's brother and I have millions of YouTube followers!" Adding "Big Brother Winner" to his resume just might inflate his ego to hilariously oversized proportions...


  1. It's refreshing to see that I am not the only person who sees him in the same way. I was beyond thrilled to see him get the boot. His narcissism is astounding. Caleb is a close second, but in an arrogant lack of self-awareness way. I don't quite have the same disdain for Caleb because he is seriously that unaware of what is going on around him. I see him as somewhat damaged. When you get right down to it, he always ends up being honest, which is what also got him the boot. Frankie, however, is delusional about his own fame (and that of his sister's--I too had never heard of her then discovered she was a child star on Nickelodeon) to the point that he thinks YouTube Hits and Twitter followers equals fame and fortune. His constant jabs at how he wins so much or could have won is tiresome. I can't stomach the overstated reactions to everything either. He is convinced that the reason his "play" didn't win America over is we just weren't ready to see a man in drag. Hello....Ru Paul? He also stated that famous people are equally hated as much as they are loved. That's nice Frankie. I guess you asked a famous person about that, because infamy is not exactly fame!

  2. This is a great post. I agree with everything you said. I have never seen such a phony in my life. His exaggerated facial expressions and his pompous attitude definitely rubbed me the wrong way. No one cares how many followers he has. If he is so likeable, where is his stinking TV show? An ass for sure.


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