Loreal Txt It 02 Hyper Fix Putty Review

My hair is a daily problem. I have cowlicks in the front, back, sides, pretty much everywhere on my scalp. In fact, my hairstyle often is a cowlick. Without some kind of product in my hair, I usually look ridiculous, with strands flopping around every which way in a supremely nonsensical manner.

So I've turned to numerous hair gels, putties, creams, and the like over the years. Recently I've been using Loreal's Txt It 02 Hyper Fix Putty, which from here on out I'll refer to as HFP because BOY is that a mouthful!

HFP does what you would think based on the name. It's a dry, putty-like substance that locks your hair into place for a day, or more.

Back when I had shorter hair it worked like a charm, keeping my hair from sagging downwards as the day wore on. Additionally, because I have a oily scalp, I appreciated its dryness. It didn't hurt that it smells fairly pleasant as well.

What are the problems then, you ask? Well, for one, you have to be extremely precise when using it. If you use even a thimble's worth more than is necessary to keep your hair in place, it'll cake up, make your hair feel stringy, and produce a thin layer of whitish dust on your follicles. It's one of those products where a little goes a LONG way. I used mine for months, and I'm still barely 2/3 of the way into the tiny jar.

Another thing is that, if you happen to live in a humid area, forget about this putty. It'll dissipate into the atmosphere almost instantaneously, its "hyper-lock" technology disintegrating in the face of those dreadful H2O molecules flitting about the air. 

I discovered this while using it on the east coast. Most of my hair styles would only last a couple of hours before tumbling down in a greasy heap. Not cool!

Not only should you avoid this product if you live in a humid region, but you should definitely steer clear if you have hair that's medium/long in length.

Once my hair started growing out I had a miserable time with HFP. It totally dried my hair out, making it feel like sandpaper when I ran my hands through it. Mind you, this was the case after using only a tiny amount! Had I used a dimes worth, my hair would have probably transmogrified itself into a bicycle helmet.

I would suggest HFP only if you have short hair and sport a spiky style, and live in a dry, arid region. Water and long hair reacts quite poorly to this concoction. Also, since this putty dries your scalp out, I wouldn't suggest using it if you have naturally dry scalp skin. It'll probably just irritate you.

So, what's my verdict? You should probably pass on this one. While it's cheap and holds your hair in place, it has a number of inherent negative properties that make it worthwhile to check out other similarly priced products. 

Happy hair styling!