Thursday, August 28, 2014

Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia Review

Sorry I've been gone so long; I've been focusing most of my efforts recently on writing articles for (which is going pretty well I'd say).

Right now I thought I'd post a quick little blurb about a little (read: big) encyclopedia about Star War: The Old Republic.

I received it in the mail yesterday, and I've gotta say, it's one of the best things ever if you're a fan of Star War's old republic era, which, as you know, I am!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Optimizing iOS7 On Your iPhone 4S

An example of iOS7 on the iPhone 5.

When I bought my iPhone 4S, I was astounded by its speed. Coming from the absolutely horrendous Samsung Galaxy S Continuum, though, I suppose anything would have felt zippy in comparison. That being said, even compared to my Nexus 7 (2012), my iPhone felt more polished, snappier, and above all else, easier to use (as much as I love my tablet, there's no question Apple has a talent for making intuitive mobile operating systems).

As time wore on, the phone began slowing down. It wasn't noticeable at first, but became progressively worse over time. The first culprit was iOS7. Despite adding some much needed functionality to the operating system, it made my 4S perform a bit below my standards (though it still felt faster than nearly every budget Android handset on the market), with lag popping up in the text interface, safari, and even while doing simple things like opening up new apps. It was still a decent phone, though it was nowhere near how fluid it used to be under iOS6, and I started wishing I'd splurged on the iPhone 5 when I had my upgrade a year and a half ago (for more on the 4S versus it's two younger brothers, click here).

Friday, August 8, 2014

Loreal Txt It 02 Hyper Fix Putty Review

My hair is a daily problem. I have cowlicks in the front, back, sides, pretty much everywhere on my scalp. In fact, my hairstyle often is a cowlick. Without some kind of product in my hair, I usually look ridiculous, with strands flopping around every which way in a supremely nonsensical manner.

So I've turned to numerous hair gels, putties, creams, and the like over the years. Recently I've been using Loreal's Txt It 02 Hyper Fix Putty, which from here on out I'll refer to as HFP because BOY is that a mouthful!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hotel Charges Extra for Bad Service

"Oh you didn't like your stay here? That'll be another five hundred dollars please."

Yep, you read that title right.

According to, one hotel recently decided to charge guests who post negative reviews online (to sites like Yelp).

Can you imagine the decision making process that went into that? The enraged, middle-aged, pot-bellied owner of that hotel staying up all night, thinking of ways to get back at the people criticizing their business. Burning the midnight oil, they developed a devious plan to charge guests who were displeased with their hotel experience. The magic number they came up with? Five. Hundred. Dollars. In their maniacal stupor, they forgot two important things: one is that all of that rage-fueled effort could have probably been better spent fixing their hotel's terrible service. Two, that their passive aggressive laziness is only going lead to more flack from the internet. Much, much more.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wine Tasting at Ledge Rock Hill

Let me begin by saying that I have yet to give a real endorsement on this site, at least one that was paid for or anything like that. I start this article with that disclaimer because I don't want anyone to think that this winery paid me off. Trust me, it'd take at least twenty dollars to convince me to write something blatantly untrue, and these guys didn't pay me a dime!

I'm not an alcoholic by any means. I don't really like beer. Whiskey is alright but I'm not necessarily a fan of it, and wine never tasted too swell to me. My opinion on wine, at least, may have changed with my visit to the Ledge Rock Hill Winery and Vineyard, nestled in the Adirondacks near the Sacandaga.

To get there is a journey in itself. From what I could tell, you take a bunch of backwoods roads, and eventually, if you're lucky, you see a small sign sticking up out of the ground saying "winery next right" or something like that. Then you take a right (or left depending on your direction) onto 41 Stewart Dam Road, follow it past the neat little antique shop (which you should also visit, by the way), and drive up to the left into the quaint little winery parking lot.

Dachshunds are Cool!

My Dachshunds, Sally and Chester, doing their best impersonation of CatDog.

Every Dachshund owner probably knows these few things about their feisty little pet: they're stubborn (and stubby), sweet (and vicious), clever, lazy, and capable of making facial expressions that range from "aww" to "uh oh." Indeed, for that last one, I've seen the transition happen within a matter of seconds!

Let's start with their stubbornness. If you have a Dachshund, and take him/her on walks, you've probably experienced what I like to call the miraculous transformation of your pet from animal to living boulder. You know what I mean! It's when your Dachshund has had enough of that whole "exercising" thing and plants their fat butt on the ground, focusing all of their canine energy into becoming, quite literally, the mythical immovable object. You tug on their leash, you throw treats in front of their face (which they promptly eat before once more becoming stationary), and when all else fails you wave your hands around like a mad man, pleading with your dog (while scaring onlookers), saying stuff like "come on, just a little farther and we'll be home!"

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