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Top Seven Songs in Doctor Who

Murray Gold has released a number of wonderful tracks for Doctor Who. Some are sad, some are inspirational, and others are everything in between. Here's a list of my top seven!

If seven seems arbitrary, deal with it ;)

7. Series 4 Opening 

I'm a sucker for a good theme song. It's no different with Doctor Who. This theme, in my opinion, was slightly better than the others, and captured the sheer epic-ness that was the Tenth Doctor. There's some tension to this theme; you know that something big is going to happen in the episode that follows.

6. The Mad Man With A Box

Matt Smith may have portrayed a kooky, not-so-human Doctor, but, nevertheless, Murray Gold gave him some of the most emotional songs the show's seen to this point. This is one of them, and for that reason I love it.

5. Infinite Potential  

The song the Eleventh Doctor regenerated to. It makes this list over Vale Decem mainly because it's not as sad. There are notes of optimism in it that make me feel strangely good about myself, which is what Doctor Who is all about! If you want a more in-depth analysis, check out my other article!

4. I Am The Doctor

When you think of Matt Smith's Doctor, this is probably the song that comes to mind. It was there in his first real episode, and it followed him throughout his tenure as Eleven. It captures the slightly crazy, super-heroic nature of his Doctor quite well. It's also a great song to listen to if you need to get pumped (ya know, for running or something)!

3. The Tenth Doctor's Theme 

As I've written before, the 10th Doctor was as human of a Time Lord as you'll find. His music reflects that. It's full of a bunch of emotions. There are almost three distinct parts to this song. It starts off fairly calm, then moves on to some more flashy and heroic notes, and ends with a bit of tragedy, as seen from how it borrows from Tennant's regeneration song, Vale Decem. I love the part around 1:40; you can almost envision the Tenth Doctor walking defiantly towards some enemy, performing a selfless and/or amazing deed, or making another sort of grand gesture; all of which he did on a frequent basis.

2. The Long Song

One of my favorite Eleventh Doctor moments was when he attempted to take down the God of Akhaten by himself, using only his words and memories. Matt Smith really stole the show with his heart-wrenching monologue, and it happened with this song playing in the background. It really was a poignant moment. Two beings, two gods, facing each other down. One the epitome of all that is good, the other a soul sucking symbol of evil and emptiness. Though Eleven was a bit awkward and goofy, he was better than Tennant, in my opinion, at portraying the Doctor as what he truly is: a godlike figure who has seen and experienced more than you or I ever will. This song made the Doctor's impassioned speech about his tumultuous life even better than it already was.

1. The Majestic Tale (Of A Mad Man In A Box) 

While some may disagree with this being the best song in Doctor Who, most will agree that it is probably the most epic (excuse my use of that word). It almost sounds like Mass Effect 2's "Suicide Mission" track, which is a great thing in my mind. Eleven went on many wibbly wobbly timey wimey journeys, and they were usually accompanied by this track (starting in series six). We heard it when he defeated the Silence in the premiere, and when he took down the Impossible Astronaut in the finale. Parts of it can be heard in series 7 as well, if I recall correctly. If you ever have to go on a crazy adventure, and need some extra motivation, this is the song to choose on your playlist!

What do you guys think? Have any suggestions for songs I might have missed? If so, feel free to comment below!

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