Friday, March 28, 2014

Fox News and NASA

Everybody knows that Fox News is incredibly biased towards anything a touch left of center. While they claim to be fair and balanced, even their news programs are structured in a way that consistently bashes Obama and the left.

But whatever, that is old news. Today I heard something new that made my blood boil. Apparently, Fox is going to run a segment over the weekend that criticizes Obama for cutting the space program and allowing Russia to get a stranglehold on the stars. 

That in itself is fine, as I hate that NASA gets basically zero funding compared to what it got in the 60s. However, what I really take issue with here is the hypocrisy of Fox News covering this story. How can you be against government spending, and then cry about NASA being de-funded? Is that not what you wanted? 

Same with the military. Why are you crying that the military is being downsized when you simultaneously demonize Obamacare and other "leftist" programs 24/7?

How strange is it to hear Neil Cavuto get all melodramatic and nostalgic talking about our space program, when just a day earlier, he was smugly denouncing the government in terms of their apparent effort to strangle small businesses?

You cannot criticize the federal government every chance you get, and then release a documentary praising NASA and saying we should not be cutting its funding. This is the basic sacred cow argument. You do not want a social safety net, but you are willing to fuel a military industrial complex? How does that make any sense?

So to close, this mini-article was written hastily in response to what I just saw on Fox a few minutes ago. While I absolutely wish NASA had more funding, I get no pleasure watching the talking heads on Fox supporting my point of view, as it reveals just how hypocritical they are when it comes to government spending.

Back to Mr. Cavuto's wistful monologue. Hey, Neil, you know all those tax cuts for the rich you keep calling for? Well, maybe if you guys paid higher taxes we could give NASA the money they need to compete with the Russians. Think about that for your next end-of-the-show rant.

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