Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Log on Mods: Skyrim and New Vegas

Skryim is already over two years old. With mods, however, it easily competes with the best games released this year.

Well hello again reader. After a long hiatus (let's call it being busy as hell for several months in a row), I am back to provide you with what will hopefully be an article of at least average quality.

I recently acquired a new laptop for college, that, luckily for me, is also capable of playing games fairly well. Thanks to the magical service that is Steam, I was able to download a number of games at a criminally low price. The ones I play the most by far are Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas, both of which I had previously owned on the Xbox 360.

Now, you might ask, why buy the same game twice? Well, for one, it was cheaper to buy the games plus all of their DLC as a complete package on Steam than it was to download the pieces of DLC I still needed on the 360 versions (what a complete joke that is). Second, I knew from previous experiences with PC gaming that these versions would be FAR superior.

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