Monday, September 9, 2013

Please ban the word "feckless"

"Obama has been feckless in regard to Syria! Rabble rabble rabble..."

I mean really? Did these people dig this word out of the dictionary just so they could criticize the President? A simple Google search would reveal that there are several synonyms for "feckless," some being "useless," "worthless," "incompetent," and "inept."

All of those roll off the tongue better than "feckless." Additionally, if you wanted to make a point of criticizing Obama, then you already failed by using this word. Indeed, most people won't even understand what you are trying to say if you use "feckless" all of the time. It sounds more like some arcane medieval curse word than a proper modern day adjective.

That is all. If someone with connections could contact Greg Gutfeld and get him to make this his banned word of the day, I would be forever grateful.

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