Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Story #2: Can you survive?

[Author's Note: This story is a work-in-progress, and thus you will eventually come across some choices that currently aren't functional.]

You are an elite member of your kingdom's military. In fact, you are so skilled with a blade that the King rarely moves about outside of his palace walls without you.

Today however, is an exception. You have been sent on a solitary expedition to scout the borderlands that connect your kingdom to a massive expanse of frozen wasteland. Within this realm exist many threats, the greatest of which is the King of the Undead and his horde of mindless minions.

Your kingdom's great armies have kept them at bay for some time, but news has arisen of an undead horde roaming the wastes that is far larger than any you have ever fought against before.

Your commander has chosen to send you alone, without any help, because he does not want to attract the King of the Undead's attention.

This shouldn't worry you however, as your skill with a blade is unmatched. Furthermore, your sword is enchanted with several runes that allow you to absorb the energies of everything you slay, allowing you to grow stronger with every victory. Finally, you have a command over the magical arts that is surpassed only by the King's personal mages. Overall, there is little in the known world that poses much of a threat to you.

Still, in the frozen wastes, it is best to stay cautious. Despite your immense powers, you cannot defeat an entire army of undead by yourself, and foolish decisions can still get you killed. 

You left the outermost portions of your kingdom yesterday, and have already reached the small sliver of contested territory straddling the realms of the undead and the living. Before you are two paths. The left one takes you to an abandoned fort, once meant to serve as the first line of defense against a potential undead invasion. The right takes you to Mirror Lake, a ghastly area plagued by wraiths and ghouls, which also contains a garrison of the Undead King's skeletal soldiers.

Go Left

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