Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your first kill

(Restart Story)

You decide to attack him head on. You draw your blade and charge. The figure senses your approach and assumes a defensive position. You are far quicker than this lumbering construct however, and are able to stab him several times before he is able to react. As he attempts to lop your head of with his gigantic sword, you leap in the air, dodging the attack and landing on his shoulders. You raise your sword, and bring it down, end first, into your assailant's helm.

There is a burst of light, followed by a small explosion, which throws you off the figure. Your magical wards protect you from all of the damage of the blast. When you regain your footing, you see the corpse of the knight lying before you.

What remains of this creature's energy is absorbed by your sword. As the stream of bluish light leaves the figures armored remains and enters your blade, you feel greatly empowered.

Closely inspect the body

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