Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A successful plan

(Restart Story)

You draw up a small fraction of your magical reserves, and hold you hand out in the direction of the campfire. Moments later, it blazes to life. The bones surrounding the fire glow a sickly orange color.

You had hoped that your ploy would attract any nearby assailants, and luckily for you, it has. A figure emerges out of thin air near the flames. He is encased in a blackened steel armor adorned with numerous sharpened barbs. He carries a tremendous sword strapped to his back. The figure kneels down and seems to gaze at the fire, confused, and looks around to to see if there are any potential victims about.

You are hidden quite well, and so he fails to see you. Nonetheless, the figure draws his sword and begins to lumber around the immediate area, scouting about for whatever started the fire.

Sneak up on the figure and eliminate him with your sword

Attack him head on

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