Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Using your brain can be useful

(Restart Story)

Using your talents gained serving as a ranger in your earlier years, you stealthily approach the smoke up ahead. Taking a longer route along the edges of the trail that straddles the forest line, you creep up a small rocky incline that gives you a birds eye view of the area below.

You see a recently put out campfire, along with the bones of what look to be one of several scouting squads sent out by Fort Iceward, the outermost bastion of military power your kingdom has.

In this region, the state of their decomposition means little. They could have died yesterday and had their organic bodies melted down instantly by a dark magic formulated by the Undead King used by many of his skeletal minions. Or, their bones could have been picked clean by the many large birds of prey in the area. Either way, it meant that whatever killed these men could still be nearby.

Use your magic to rekindle the fire from afar

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