Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A lack of foresight

(Restart Story)

You assume a cross-legged position in the snow, entering a state of meditation. Due to the amount of energy expelled, it will require a prolonged amount of time to recover, especially since you suffered severe injuries due to the blast wave.

Unfortunately, while meditating, your senses are dulled, and you do not sense the hordes of skeletal soldiers bearing down on your position, sent by the Undead King to investigate the massive explosion caused by your magical assault on his sentry.

By the time you realize what is going on, the skeletal soldiers are already upon you, with several of beginning to hack away at you while you are still in a half meditating state. When they are finished, your body is unrecognizable.

The undead knight leading the skeletal soldiers recovers your sword, and delivers it personally to his King. The sword allows him to enhance his power greatly, and as a result he and his armies easily conquer your kingdom.

The End

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