Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sapped of strength

(Restart Story)

You continue on to the fort. Without any energy, magical or otherwise, the journey is excruciating. The brutal weather slows you tremendously, and the threat of more undead like the one you just defeated forces you to remain cautious and take longer, stealthier routes.

Before you are even halfway to the fort, you begin to falter, your energy reserves depleted. You make camp next to a blackened tree, and fall asleep.

In the night, the temperature falls to levels unheard of in your kingdom. Without magical wards protecting you, you are as vulnerable to them as any other man, and die in your sleep.

Years later, after the King of the Undead's forces have swept through your kingdom, refugees find the spot where you succumbed to the cold. They greedily steal your weapons and armor, though are quickly found and executed by undead forces. They take your sword to the Undead King, and he uses it to attain immense levels of power.

The world enters a period of darkness that has no end in sight.

The End

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