Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unlimited power!

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You decide that your previous magical attack was lacking in duration and strength.

You wind back your right hand, assuming a practiced stance for emitting a massive magical strike. Charging the enormous amount of arcane and elemental energy in the palm of your hand is difficult, and it leaves you feeling drained. If the attack fails, it is likely that you will succumb to your foe.

You release your attack with mere seconds to spare. The gigantic orb of bluish energy impacts the undead knight with such force that you are blown back hundreds of feet, the blast wave removing century old layers of snow from the ground, cracking ancient ice, and leaving a crater many meters deep.

You are incapacitated by the blast, and it takes you several moments to regain enough strength to pick yourself up and stagger towards the site of impact. Within the crater, you see the undead knight, or more accurately, what is left of him. Only a pile of smoldering ashes, bits of steel, and pieces of his weapon's hilt remain.

Though you defeated your enemy, you are completely drained, and lack the resources to heal yourself. Your magical wards were also taken down by the blast wave. In essence, you are now completely defenseless.

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