Thursday, August 29, 2013

A worthy opponent

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You take a step forward, and stand before the tome. You place your hand on it, and call forth the reserves of magical energy within you. Pure energy rushes down your arm, out your palm, and into the tome. You do not wish to destroy it; this is merely a spell meant to discover the magical properties of a particular item.

When your spell is completed, you stagger backwards in amazement. The amount of spells packed into the tome are too numerous too count. Indeed, they are beyond your understanding, and though you are a powerful mage in your kingdom, it would take years for you to gain the ability to use any of these spells.

A deep and sinister voice interrupts your thought processes.

"It has been a long time since a...human...has made their way this far out into the wastes."

The voice seems to be coming from all directions, despite your best efforts you cannot discover its origins.

The voice laughs softly. "How pitiful if this is the best humanity can offer. And here I was hoping you would prove to be a worthy challenge compared to the ghouls and skeletal soldiers who normally stumble into my lair."

You attempt to respond, but you find you cannot open your mouth. In fact, you find that every passing second it is becoming harder to move any of yourself at all. You only have a few moments before you are completely immobilized by this being's magic.


Cast defensive magical wards around yourself

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