Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A wreathe of flames

(Restart Story)

As the black figure charges at you, you begin to expel from the palm of your hand an immense wreathe of flames that hits your enemy with tremendous force.

As the cleansing fires encase him, you hear him emit a ghastly scream that betrays a hint of his former humanity.

To your surprise however, the now blazing undead knight is still rushing towards you. In your momentary disbelief, he closes the remaining distance between you, winds up a tremendous attack with his greatsword, swings, and sends you flying backwards several feet.

Magical wards on your armor saved you from suffering any severe damage, but you are still winded and have trouble regaining your footing. You are fairly certain that you broke a few bones as well.

The undead knight has recovered from the momentum of his attack, and is bearing down upon you once more.

Throw all the magic at him that you've got

Draw your sword and finish him

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