Thursday, August 29, 2013

The strangely supple boat

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There's probably nothing of interest in that old shack.

You instead choose to inspect the boat, walking up towards it cautiously. When you reach it, it appears to be in great condition. The wood is pristine, its light brown hue nearly glowing in the winter sunlight. It is smooth to the touch, with no splinters, and appears to be equipped with provisions and an oar.

While you inspect the boat, you get the strange feeling that someone, or something, is watching you. You turn around, searching near and far with both your eyes and your magic. You find nothing, though you do feel a faint magical signature coming from the small shack in front of you.

When you focus on the dark opening to the shack, you think you see a pale, grinning human face. But when you blink, it is gone.

Investigate the shack

Take the boat out onto Mirror Lake

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