Thursday, August 29, 2013

The tome in the shack

(Restart Story)

You saunter up to the small building, and slip inside. In terms of size, it is little more than a glorified closet, though you still have room to stretch your arms out in all directions. Still, whoever used to man this dock managed to make the best of the space, as you notice in one of the small corners there is a piece of blackened soggy wood jutting out about a foot, a small tome placed atop it. Tucked away beneath the desk is a stool, though you would not try your luck by attempting to sit on it.

Besides the small working space in the corner, there is little else of note in the room. As you are about to leave, small black marks etched into one of the walls captures your attention. It appears to be some form of runic language, though one you are not familiar with.

As you attempt to decipher the writing, you feel a strange magical disturbance emanating from something close by. You inspect your immediate surroundings, and conclude that the only thing it could possibly be coming from is the old tome placed upon the miniature desk.

You reach out to the object with your arcane powers. It calls to you, stretching icy magical tendrils into your mind. You recoil instinctively and place barriers around your consciousness to block any attempts at mind control.

There is no telling what kind of magics exist this far into the wastes. You should proceed cautiously.

Interact with the tome

Leave the room and inspect the boat

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