Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your first foe

(Restart Story)

You draw your rune inscribed blade and rush towards the smoke. You quickly reach a small clearing that is roughly in the shape of a circle. In the middle is a smoldering camp fire, the cause of the smoke you saw earlier. Other than that, there is no sign of anything, living or dead, in the area.

As you look for clues in your immediate surroundings, you notice that the air around you is becoming far colder. In fact, it is becoming progressively harder for you to even move. A few seconds later you become completely immobile, frozen where you stand.

Before you, appearing out of thin air, is a hulking armored figure. He is about your height, but with a far bulkier frame. He is encased in a form of blackened steel you are not  familiar with, equipped with numerous barbs protruding from various angles on its surface. He holds a greatsword nearly as large as his body.

Use your magic to free yourself

Negotiate with the armored figure

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