Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A sentry in the snow

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You approach the undead knight's remains, hoping to learn something more by inspecting it closely. It's strength was impressive for a singular minion of the Undead King, indeed, you have never fought anything like it before. Its armor is etched with small runes that you had not noticed before, and reading them you can see that they are enchantments designed to ward off magical attacks.

From the strength of the enchantments, you are glad you decided to attack with your sword.

Furthermore, there is a medallion hanging around his neck. You easily break the small chain tying it to the construct, and inspect it. It is also inscribed with runic words of power. These, however, do not provide protection, but instead boost the wearer's offensive capabilities. 

For what you could tell, though the knight proved no match for you in close combat, it would be more than capable of defeating a great number of ordinary soldiers, which explains all of the missing scouts in recent months.

From what you can surmise, these constructs are likely sentries, produced at great expense by the Undead King to monitor the edges of the frozen wastes that border your kingdom. As such, they are exceptionally powerful.

As you go deeper into the wastes, you expect to find fewer of these sentries.

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