Good luck with Dwight, Houston

The city of Houston is likely rejoicing at the fact that they've claimed the rights to Dwight Howard, the so-called best center in the NBA. Is there really anything for them to be excited about though? In my mind, not really.

Watching Dwight all of last year it was evident that he, at his best, is little more than an athletic defender who can finish at the rim with above average effectiveness.

His hands are rock hard, little more than oversized mitts. You could almost see the webs linking his rather useless elongated fingers. He fumbled away more passes from players like Steve freaking Nash and Kobe goddamn Bryant than I can count.

Not only that, but he refuses to play in any sort of offense that doesn't cater to his exact needs. In his arrogance, he spurned a great playmaker like Steve Nash, choosing instead to set weak screens and cry before and after games about not having isolation plays set up for him in the post.

If this guy can't play with the likes of Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, and Kobe Bryant, what makes people in Houston think he'll do any better with James Harden? Harden wants to be the first option now just as much as Kobe does, so good luck making that work! I'll laugh when I see the first Houston Rockets game next season, and Dwight fumbles the ball away while trying to do too much instead of passing it off to other players on the team who actually have offensive abilities.

He's nowhere near the player most think him to be. He's childish, clownish, arrogant, vapid, and selfish. Not even considering his many character flaws, he's now also damaged goods, having just recovered from major back surgery. Nearing 28, there's no telling if Dwight will ever regain the athleticism that allowed him to project the facade of being a semi decent offensive player.

Dwight isn't the player he used to be. He will never be dominant again. He doesn't know how to play with other players of a caliber nearing his own. Just look at his time in Orlando; part of the reason he made it to the finals on that team was because he was the only star, and could therefore dictate everything with no opposition. As made evident by his time in LA, he doesn't play well when he has to deal with dissent of any kind, whether it emanates from other players or coaches. In short, he's a petulant child who needs to have things his way, or else he throws a tantrum that ruins whatever franchise he's with.

So, have fun with this headcase Houston. Fans in Los Angeles and Orlando wish you the best (or not, you brought this on yourself after all).