Book Recommendation: Saga of Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson

The Saga of Seven Suns is a science fiction series written by Kevin J. Anderson. Essentially, it is an easy read about humanity's discovery of powerful alien forces throughout the universe that are far more dangerous, ancient and technologically capable than they are.

It is not the best series of books ever written, and often times Anderson takes far too long to explain simple plot points. Indeed, this series of seven books probably could have been chopped down to about three or four. In my mind that would have greatly improved the pacing of the story.

If all you want is an action filled story of alien invasion however, this is the series for you. I read all seven books and enjoyed them, despite the reservations I had about them stated above. In my opinion the first five books are the best, indeed, the conclusion of the fifth book could have probably been sufficient in ending the series. Books six and seven fall flat in providing a sufficiently gratifying ending to such a long series, though they were still entertaining to read.

Overall, if you want something to read over summer and you are into the science fiction or alien invasion genres, this is one series you should probably check out. It isn't the best written or most intelligent series of books ever created, but it should be sufficient in providing you with a decent amount of entertainment.

If I had to rate The Saga of Seven Suns as a whole, I'd probably give it 7/10.