Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's with all the iOS7 and Apple criticism?

Apple is bringing a lot of new features to the table with iOS7. Why then has its announcement garnered so much criticism?

Today I was reading a few articles by Adam Doud and Taylor Martin on the website, and noticed that they were decidedly and almost comically anti-Apple.

Doud's article, titled "Is iOS 7 Apple’s admission that it has nothing new to bring to the table?," vehemently attacks Cupertino while lauding Samsung and Android devices for their innovation. Unfortunately, his criticism of Apple makes little to no sense based on the evidence he provides. For instance, he criticizes the upcoming iPhone (before it has even been released mind you) for its "blah" design. I think that is a fairly laughable accusation to make, especially considering there isn't really much noteworthy about the Galaxy S4 in terms of design. It would make more sense had Doud been propping up the HTC One, which does sport a beautiful design, but as it stands his criticism of the iPhone's look while simultaneously propping up a plasticky faux chrome over-sized rectangle leaves a lot to be desired.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

PS4 versus Xbox One

Microsoft and Sony's next generation gaming consoles.

I'm not really planning to write a dissertation on this topic, but I did want to make a few comments because this subject interests me. As of now both Sony and Microsoft have announced their next generation consoles, and fanboys on both sides of the aisle have begun to rabidly defend their respective companies (looking at you System Wars...). What console, in reality, is truly worth your dollar?

To be honest, I cannot answer that question, because unlike the people of the aforementioned System Wars I don't like making broad conclusions before a console is even released. That being said, there are a few things that we do know that hint at one console being a bit better than the other...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Have smartphones stopped noticeably improving?

Smartphones have improved greatly since the release of the original iPhone in 2007, but have they plateaued in recent years?

Today I was thinking about the smartphone industry and this topic sort of just popped into my head. Every few months it seems that a company like Samsung or Apple releases the next big thing, with the most recent example being the Galaxy S4. In the fall, Apple is likely to release the iPhone 5S to overtake Samsung once more as the company with the most powerful phone.

And here I sit with my iPhone 4S, pondering the significance of it all. Can the average smartphone owning consumer really tell the difference between a Galaxy S3 with its quad core processor and a Galaxy S4 with its slightly more advanced quad core processor? Or for iPhone owners, can we really tell the difference between the 0.8ghz A5 processor in the 4S and the 1.3ghz A6 processor in the 5?

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