Monday, December 10, 2012

Need some fantasy basketball advice?

I will admit straight away that I am not usually one who asks for help. Be it putting together a hammock or trying a video game for the first time, you can count on me being that one slightly insane person that skips the instructions and tutorials and digs right in.

When it came to fantasy basketball, things were no different. I plunged into the choppy waters of Yahoo's fantasy basketball thinking I knew it all, drafted a bunch of guys based on my idea of who the good players were, and went from there. Lo and behold, a month into the season I was nearly in last place in my league.

This was not, I assure you, because I made poor decisions during the draft. In fact, the players I chose are more than capable. The problem however was that I disregarded some key statistics that were bringing my team down despite its overall talent.

To give a quick overview, in fantasy basketball you choose the players for your team. Then, their stats for field goal percentage, points, rebounds, assists, and so on and so forth are compiled each week. This means that the total amount of say points your team scores during the week is compared to the total of the team of the person you are playing against. If you have a higher amount of points, you win that category, and so on and so forth. The person who wins the most statistical categories between both players wins the matchup.

To fully address how I came to recognize this problem I will have to backtrack a bit. A week or so ago my friend posted a link on Facebook to a website that makes podcasts offering advice on fantasy basketball. I went ahead and sent them an e-mail with a question in regard to how I could improve my ailing team, and it included information about my current roster. After that, I went about my week waiting for a response.

Yesterday, I got it. They posted a new podcast ( with advice tailor made to my question, and it really opened my eyes to several issues with my team. I kind of knew before I heard what they had to say that my team had problems in certain areas, but it was difficult to pin down which categories needed the most work.

Indeed, Nick, the host of the podcast, made it very clear that my team had major issues in the points, assists, and field goal percentage departments. He also gave me advice for who to cut from my team and who to add, which made many of my subsequent decisions much easier to make.

While I was not able to pick up all the players he suggested due to their unavailability in my league, I was able to make some great additions to my team by looking specifically for players who had either great field goal percentages, a decent amount of points per game, or a good number of assists. I also cut the players on my team who were deficient in those areas, as per his advice.

To close, all I can say is that I am excited to see where my fantasy team will go with these upgrades, especially now that I know what I am looking for in terms of players whose stats compliment my team. Before this, I was just looking for the best overall players to add to my squad, but now I know that that might not be exactly what your team needs if you are deficient in other areas. 

So, thanks again to Nick and the other guys over at The Fantasy Plum, you have given me a new outlook on fantasy basketball. Hopefully I will start seeing the results of your advice as soon as this week!

And to all my other readers (especially from, I highly suggest you send these guys an e-mail if you have a fantasy basketball problem. They are very informative and do some great research; I am sure if you ask them to solve a problem you have with your team you will get some very worthwhile feedback.

That's all for now! I am sorry about my lack of updates lately but such is life. Look for more articles in the near future!

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