How to Build a Gaming PC Cheaply (For Novices)

I am always amazed by the fact that so many people remain misinformed about PC gaming. Is it more expensive to get a gaming PC than a console? Probably. Is it hundreds of dollars more? Not at all, at least as long as you aren't expecting the top of the line in every category. But then again, if you were considering a console in the first place, that isn't really your priority now is it?

Your first step is to go to a site like and check out the desktop PCs they are selling. Look at the ones for sale in the $300 - 400 range, and if you can't find any, head over to and see what they have.

Once you've found a standard PC for a reasonable price, the fun part begins. Generally, budget PCs are priced so low because of a low amount of ram and a godawful video card.

To fix those issues, go back to and check out the memory and video cards they have available.

Pick out the options that you feel are best for you, making sure they're compatible with the PC you purchased, and have them shipped to your home.

From here, the process is simple. Simply open up your new PC, plug in the memory and video card, and viola, you have yourself a gaming PC!

If you were cost effective and bought a low-mid range video card (which can play pretty much any game out today at a decent resolution), then you probably only ended up adding around $70-80 to the overall cost of your PC.

That means that if you snagged one of those $300 PCs from Newegg or Walmart, you got yourself a gaming machine that's better than a console and can do everything a real computer can do for barely a fraction more of the cost.

Oh and one more thing, no gaming PC is complete without an installation of Steam.

Happy gaming!