The 3DS has no RPGs!

Last year I bought a Nintendo 3DS with the expectation that I would be using it to play all of the rpg series' I missed out on during the DS/PSP era.

Exactly 11 months later, the only rpgs that I have played on my 3DS are Pokemon Black and Chrono Trigger. Notice something off about that? If not, you should, because both of these games were made for the original DS, not the 3DS.

Luckily, it seems like the amount of rpgs being released for the 3DS will begin to ramp up in the coming months. Kingdom Hearts, Heroes of Ruin, Fire Emblem, and a few others should be out by the end of the year.

Still, it's sad that I've had to wait this long to finally get a decent selection of games to choose from. The fact that the 3DS XL comes out next month doesn't help either, as I could have held off on buying the 3DS altogether and waited for it's newer iteration if I had known there would be zero rpgs released for the system up to this point.

Don't get me wrong, it's been fun playing DS rpgs and Mario Kart ( I have Ocarina of Time as well but I find it extremely boring, sorry old time gamers), but I feel like its taken much too long to get the 3DS rpgs out onto the market.

Thankfully, it still appears I made the right choice in choosing the 3DS over the Vita, as the latter looks like it will be even worse than the former in terms of being able to provide handheld rpg experiences.

Hopefully by this time next year I'll have plenty of reasons to fire up my frequently dusty and underused 3DS.