Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mike Brown = Train Wreck

After watching several Lakers losses it is relatively safe to say that Mike Brown is one of the more inept coaches in the NBA.

Despite making a staggering $4.5 million dollars in salary and beating out proven coaches such as Rick Adelman and others for the job, Brown has shown zero ability up to this point of living up to his paycheck.

One of my main critiques for Brown is his incessant lack of awareness when it comes to player rotations. Instead of playing his best players and matching up to the opposing team in an effective manner, Brown sees it fit to stick to an asinine rotation that he formulates before any action occurs on the court, and which he sticks to despite how poorly it performs.

Another of Brown's limitations is his inability to get the most out of his team. By this, I mean the bench mainly. The Lakers have one of the worst second units in the league due to a few very simple reasons:

Goudelock (left) and Brown (right).
One, Mike Brown insists on icing Andrew Goudelock, his best scorer off of the bench in favor of Steve Blake, who is one of the most unproductive, timid, and incompetent players in the NBA.

Two, Mike Brown doesn't match up bench players with starters who they would be most effective with. In other words, Ramon Sessions and Matt Barnes. Also, Pau Gasol and Josh Mcroberts have decent chemistry together but the latter is usually benched in favor of Troy Murphy.

I am not saying that playing Goudelock more often and pairing Sessions and Barnes makes a great bench. What I am saying is that there are obvious tweaks that Mike Brown could implement to get more out of his second unit, which for some reason he is neglecting to do. 

Until these changes are made (or better yet Mike Brown is fired and replaced), the Lakers will be inhibited in their ability to win a championship this year.

**For more on this subject, head to the second part of this article using the link below**

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